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HP Designjet 82 Cartridges

HP Designjet 82 Cartridges
CH566AHP 82 28-ml Cyan Ink Cartridge
CH567AHP 82 28-ml Magenta Ink Cartridge
CH568AHP 82 28-ml Yellow Ink Cartridge
CH565AHP 82 69-ml Black Ink Cartridge
P2V34AHP 82 69ml Matte Black ink cartridge (2-pack)
C4911AHP 82 69-ml Cyan Ink Cartridge
C4912AHP 82 69-ml Magenta Ink Cartridge
C4913AHP 82 69-ml Yellow Ink Cartridge
C4810AHP 11 Black Printhead
C4811AHP 11 Cyan Printhead
C4812AHP 11 Magenta Printhead
C4813AHP 11 Yellow Printhead


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