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Smart solutions for large format printing

Bond Paper/Plotter Paper Rolls 80g

Bond Paper/Plotter Paper Rolls 80g

Economical paper designed for black and colour line drawings. Ideal for technical applications that require high precision & excellent clarity.

It is the economical choice for technical draft and proofing applications that demand precision. It is available in multiple widths and lengths for virtually any technical application for unattended printing, enhancing user productivity.

Applications include posters & presentations and drawings and plans for the GIS, AEC and CAD industries.

  • 420mm x 50m
  • 594mm x 50m
  • 594mm x 100m
  • 594mm x 150m
  • 594mm x 175m
  • 610mm x 50m
  • 610mm x 100m
  • 610mm x 150m
  • 841mm x 50m
  • 841mm x 100m
  • 841mm x 150m
  • 841mm x 175m
  • 914mm x 50m
  • 914mm x 100m
  • 914mm x 150m
  • 1270mm x 50m
  • 1524mm x 50m
  • 1850mm x 50m

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